Considering creating a DIY long-term food storage? While it's natural to focus on edible items with extended shelf life, building a comprehensive emergency food supply requires more than just food.

Surviving emergencies becomes more manageable when you have not only the right food items but also a range of essential items. Here's a list of ten items you might want to include in building your emergency food supply.

Manual Can Opener

Canned food items might be a part of your long-term food storage. If yes, you need a manual can opener to open the cans.

Although, most cans these days have a built in opener, a manual can opener could come in handy.


A freeze dryer will allow you to freeze-dry several fruits, vegetables, and meat for long-term storage. Different types of freeze dryers are available on the market. You can choose the desired one based on your needs.

MRE Pouches

You might want to build MRE food storage during your emergency food supply journey. You will need MRE pouches to seal your cooked and dehydrated food.

Hence, buying MRE pouches from a reputable online store is a good idea. MRE pouches with high-quality and high-tensile strength material are perfect for long-term storage.

Mylar Bags and Oxygen Absorbers

Using Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers is the best way to store dry food items such as dry beans, pasta, rice, flour, and more. Manufacturers use high-quality material to make Mylar bags puncture resistant. Mylar bags are easy to seal using a heat sealer or vacuum sealer.

Along with Mylar bags, you must add oxygen absorbers to keep the stored food items fresh and edible for years.

Electrolyte Drink Mixes

You will need different sources to gain energy to survive and thrive efficiently during emergencies. Hence, electrolyte drink mixes in your emergency food supply are mandatory.

Electrolyte drink mixes will provide all the required micronutrients, like minerals and salts, to keep your body hydrated and prevent sore muscles.

Canned Foods

Your emergency food supply must have canned foods. Most canned foods have cooked fruits, vegetables, and meat. You can also find canned soups, stews, jams, jellies, and marmalades.

Several options for canned foods are available, and making them a part of your food storage will allow you to whip up a quick meal. Also, canned foods will stay edible for 5+ years. Just make sure the cans don’t have dents to avoid the possibility of poisoning.


During survival, you might need tools to repair, replace, or reinstall an item in your house. Or you might need tools to make emergency survival easier. For example, tools like a multi-tool Swiss knife, flashlight, matchsticks, first aid kits, batteries, a power bank, local maps, a whistle, a dust mask, etc., are mandatory.

Water Purification System:

In the realm of emergency survival preparations, prioritizing water storage is paramount. A reliable water purifier is an essential addition, particularly when clear and purified drinking water becomes a challenge to find during emergencies. A water purifier becomes a crucial tool for filtering water, serving various purposes from drinking to bathing and household chores.

Seeds for Cultivation:

While vegetables and fruits are staples in long-term food storage, don't overlook the importance of storing seeds for key plants. These seeds play a vital role in establishing your own garden during emergencies. Simultaneously utilizing your stored food supply and cultivating new plants allows for a sustainable source of fruits, vegetables, and medicinal benefits.


Whether it's a routine day or an emergency, the power of the sun remains a constant. A solar cooker becomes an invaluable asset, ensuring you can cook your food even when traditional fuel sources are depleted or electricity is unavailable. While cooking with a solar cooker may take more time, it guarantees access to hot meals during critical situations.


In summary, building a robust long-term food storage requires more than just food items. Consider incorporating these ten essentials to enhance your preparedness for emergencies.

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