Are you looking into long-term food storage methods? If so, you might have heard that several efficient food preppers use Mylar bags for food storage.

Although you know the best method for long-term food storage, have you still not figured out what type of foods can be stored using such methods? Are you wondering if there are any specific types of foods that can easily be stored long-term? 

In this blog post, we will tell you all about three categories of food that are perfect choices for prepping long-term. 

  • Pantry Staples

Certain food items should always be present in your pantry. These food items are building blocks of several recipes. So, having them in your long-term storage plan will help you maintain variety in your meals for years to come. 

Moreover, these pantry staples are nutritious! They ensure that your family is not only fed in an emergency, but still thriving despite the state of the outside world. These pantry staples include food items such as beans, pasta, rice, lentils, salt, honey, hard wheat, and more. 

The best way to store these pantry staples is using a Mylar bag with oxygen absorbers.

Long term food storage tips

  • Canned Goods

Apart from pantry staples, you need to also have some canned goods in your long-term storage. Canned goods are a quick way to prepare your meals during an emergency. You will find two types of canned goods, namely, canned goods with high acid, and canned goods with low acidity.

Food Storage tips 

High acidity canned goods will last for up to 18 months while canned goods with low-acidity will last for around 2-5 years. This time estimate is according to the USDA, with the understanding that canned goods need to be stored in a cool, dry place. Also, canned goods should not have any dent in the package as you must ensure there is no risk of botulism. 

  • Freeze-Dried Foods and MREs

Now, prepping pantry staples and canned goods may feel like too much work. So, you may choose to rely on freeze-dried foods or MREs for long-term food storage. Both these food item categories work on the concept of “store it and forget it”.

Foods that can be stored for long term

With a long shelf-life, freeze-dried foods and MREs are a great option for long-term storage. The only drawback with these food items is the high cost and lack of taste over the years. This makes them a not-so-favorable choice for expert preppers. 

Bottom Line

Prepping food for long-term storage can be difficult, especially if you are just getting started. However, gathering a combination of these three food categories can be a good way to start your long-term food storage journey. 

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