Maximize Your Food

with the Best Long Term Food Storage Solutions

Light & Airtight

Other brands sell flimsy, thin and poorly made bags that should not be trusted with long term food storage. Wallaby bags PREVENT light and air penetration to keep your food safe.

Perfect For Camping, Long
Term Food Storage, and
Convenient Meals on the Go

Our "Meal Ready to Eat" or MRE pouches are the
perfect size for individual meals or snacks. The food-
safe 7.5Mil thick Mylar can withstand boiling water, so
you can reconstitute your food right inside the bag!

Keep Your Food &
Belongings Dry

Our pure white silica gel desiccant packets reliable
remove moisture from the air. Use to keep dry goods,
ammo, winter clothing, photographs, cash, elecronics
and more dry even in humid conditions.

Impulse Sealer

The first line of heat sealers specifically made for Mylar bags, we engineer ours with AirTite technology to create a strong, reliable seal on Mylar up to 8Mil thick. Perfect for any of our Mylar pouches.

Light Blocking

Inside layer of aluminum foil provides structure, and prevents light penetration


Made with BPA-free, food grade materials. We never sacrafice quality

Air Tight

Thick to prevent light and air penetration to keep your food safe

Moisture Proof

Oxygen absorbers are packaged and heat sealed immediately after production

With Wallaby Goods Mylar food storage solutions, it's easy to preserve your dry goods for longer. Made with food-grade materials, Mylar bags are perfect for storing food and maintaining its nutrient content. We have various options available so you get the best food storage solution for your needs. From 1-gallon and 5-gallon food storage bags to MRE bags and oxygen absorbers, we have all that you need to maximize the life span of your food supply.