Have you noticed that the prices of food products are skyrocketing?

With economic instability and a possible recession, most of us are experiencing economic hardship. Prices are going to continue rising and people might even lose their jobs— making it even more financially difficult to get what you need from the grocery store.

Now, you don’t want to be someone who struggles. So, the best way to ensure food security for your family in the future is to start building a DIY long term food storage plan.

Powdered milk scooping from container

In order to start building your supply, you will buy dry foods to prep in Mylar bags long-term, such as grains, rice, beans, lentils, pasta, oatmeal, and more. You might also purchase canned fruits and vegetables.

But what about a dairy replacement? When an emergency strikes, you might not have access to fresh milk in your area. In that case, how will you fulfil your family’s dairy requirements, especially if you have kids? After all, dairy is critical for eating cereal, and making batters for desserts, drinks, and several other recipes.

In situations like these, having powdered milk can be a great way to replace fresh milk during emergencies. In this blog, we will tell you why powdered milk is a great addition to your long-term food storage plan.

Powdered Milk: A Great Addition to Your Long-Term Food Storage Plan

Long-Term Food Storage Plan

1. Contains Vitamins & Minerals

    In an emergency, you need to make sure that your family gets the vitamins and minerals they need daily. The nutrients found in milk are critical to improving the immune system and maintaining good health. In addition, some brands add calcium, iron, and other vitamins.

    Even if there is major food scarcity during an emergency, you can still get these vitamins by giving your family one glass of milk every day. 

    2. A Versatile Staple

      You can use powdered milk anywhere you need to use milk in a recipe. For example, cakes, cereal breakfast, mashed potatoes, oatmeal, and more.

      If dairy is scarce during emergencies, powdered milk can be an effective replacement in any recipe.

      3. Easy Storage

      Currently, how much space do you need to store milk in your refrigerator? Probably way more than you want to. During emergencies, you certainly don’t want a lot of your fridge space to go to milk storage while still having the risk of spoilage. So, powdered milk is a great alternative to dairy.

      It has less risk of spoilage when stored properly. Most people buy powdered milk in bulk and store it in large containers. For example, you can store powdered milk in a food-grade bucket lined with Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. 

      Most consumers buy powdered milk in smaller packets. And they store them as is to ensure easy consumption. No matter how you store powdered milk, it will be extremely easy to store and consume long-term.

      4. Lasts Longer

      Powdered milk has a 20-year shelf-life when you store it properly! This ensures that powdered milk can easily become a part of your long-term food storage plan and enhance food security during emergencies.

      Introduce Powdered Milk to Your Family Now

      Powdered milk

      Although you will be storing powdered milk for emergencies, you need to introduce it to your family right before you begin storing it long-term. Let them get an idea of how it tastes and its consistency to get them used to drinking it.

      This way, you won’t have any issues switching to powdered milk during emergencies.

      Bottom Line

      Long-term food storage helps ensure that your family gets the critical nutrients they need. Storing staple items that can stay fresher for longer is especially important. You may not have access to a grocery store where you can buy fresh milk, so powdered milk can be an effective replacement. 

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