Long-term food storage is crucial to ensuring that you are prepared for emergencies, but one of the biggest struggles that most beginner preppers face is finding enough storage space in their house.

7 Creative Food Storage Ideas


If you are one of the lucky ones, you might have a big basement or cellar to store your food bags and buckets, but not all preppers have the luxury of a cellar or basement in their home.

That’s why many beginner preppers must get creative and find space in their house itself to start making space for their emergency food supply.

Here are a few tips and storage space ideas for preppers who may not have adequate space already built into their home.

  • Shelves above Dryer or Washer
  • Some would argue that the space above their dryer or washer is prone to moisture and, therefore, would not be suitable for food storage.

    Shelves above Dryers or Washers

    But we are here to say that you can effectively store food items such as beans, and oatmeal in Mylar bags or even canned goods in these spaces.

  • Shelves under the Stairwell
  • Another space that you can use for long-term food storage is the space under your stairwell. Many of us have a lot of junk under our stairwell, but you can clear the junk out to start storing food buckets lined with Mylar bags. Another prepper pro tip would be to top off the food buckets, so that you can create a temporary shelf to store canned goods!

  • Use the Space above Your Clothes in Your Closet
  • Your closet has more space than you might realize. There is likely extra room above your clothing in your closet that you could be utilizing for long-term food storage.

    And let’s be honest, many of us store a lot of junk in our closets that can easily be tossed, given away, or stored in the garage.

    Clearing out this space to store canned goods and Mylar bags for food storage is an excellent choice. This is because it is neither too hot nor too cold in your closet, which makes it perfect for food storage.

  • Use the Space in Your Closet behind Hanging Clothes
  • If you looked at the space above your clothes, you may have realized that there is a lot of space left on the ground as well as behind your hanging clothes. You can place smaller shelves here to create enough space to store canned foods or smaller-sized Mylar bags.

  • Store Food Behind the Sofa
  • Many people have sofa’s that touch the wall. If you were to just move your sofa a few inches forward, you would have a plethora of extra space!

    This smaller space is enough for you to store Mylar bags, laying on their side.

    Shelves under the Stairwell

  • Create Shelves in the Back of the Door
  • If you buy some over-the-door shoe organizers, you can create shelves with the back of your door. This is the perfect space for storing water bottles and canned goods.

  • Check Your Cupboards
  • Get a stool and step up to take a look at the back of your kitchen cabinets and cupboards. You will certainly find some things that you never use. Do you have a casserole dish that you never use or bowls that have never seen the light of the day?

    Throw or give away these unused items! They are using up space in your cabinets that you can use for long-term food storage.


    Bottom Line

    When it comes to long-term food storage, sometimes you need to get creative and find new ways to store food buckets, canned goods, water bottles, and Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers.

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