Throughout the past 2 years, we have all had to live through such unprecedented times.

Life had to be put on pause due to the pandemic, and most people around the world struggled to fend for themselves.

Finding just a square meal a day became difficult for many of us, while those who had strong financial backgrounds also ran out of options to find good quality food due to a shortage in supply. However, people who prepared to combat such a dreadful situation were able to survive with flying colors.

Mylar Bag Food Storage

The most efficient food preppers who have used the Mylar bag food storage strategy were even able to thrive through such unforeseen circumstances, as they had the freedom to prepare a variety of meals every day despite lockdowns, shortages, and health scares.

Do you want to become an efficient food prepper and be ready for
any adverse situation in the future? If so, you might want to keep reading
this blog post.

When most people begin food prepping, they tend to make a few basic mistakes that end up costing them a lot in the future. Here are the mistakes that you need to avoid when it comes to long-term food storage. 

Food Prepping

  • Not Enough Water

The very first mistake that beginner food preppers make is not storing enough water for each member of their household. You will need water for different purposes, such as drinking, cooking, cleaning, and more. So, the first thing you should do is store more water for your family. 

You must make sure to store at least 1 gallon of water per person per day. This will ensure that none of your family gets dehydrated and you have enough water for other chores. 

Long Term Food Storage Mistakes Infographics

  • Buying Food that You Don’t Like

So, now that you have started researching food prepping, you might have come across a stockpile of food items that can be stored long-term. Hence why you decided to buy them all! But you need to ask yourself this, do you like all the items on this list?

Buying foods that you don’t like is the second most common mistake made by new preppers. In such a case, even if you have enough food, you won’t be able to consume it happily. Therefore, you should make time to determine which foods your family likes, and then store them efficiently using different methods such as Mylar bags.

  • Buying Foods You Don’t Know How Cook

Not everyone is Gordon Ramsay! There will always be food items that you have no clue how to cook. Even so, most preppers make the mistake of buying food that they can’t cook and end up with food items that they can’t consume. 

This doesn’t help your long-term food storage strategy in any way. Hence, if you still want to buy a food item you don’t know how to cook, make sure that you buy a small packet and learn how to cook it. Once you are confident that you know how to prepare the food, you can then begin buying it in bulk. 

Long Term Food Storage Tips

  • Lack of Variety

You might think that having only rice and beans will help your food prepping, but can you even imagine eating the same thing every day? Sounds boring, doesn’t it! Hence why you need to avoid making the mistake of lacking a variety of foods. 

You must store a variety of food items such as different types of beans, spices, meats, grains, and more. 

  • Incorrect Food Storage

The next prepper mistake that you need to avoid is incorrect food storage. Different food items require different storage conditions. For example, food items such as grains, rice, and oats require a storage method that keeps moisture, oxygen, water, and insects away. Several efficient preppers use Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers to remove oxygen and maintain the storage conditions of these food items. 

Bottom Line

Food prepping is crucial to surviving any emergency situation. However, as a beginner prepper, you might make several mistakes. If you avoid these mistakes, you will be good to go for long-term food storage.

If you start with buying high-quality mylar bags, you are much more likely to store your food correctly. Thin, flimsy mylar that’s prone to rips and tears could seriously sabotage your emergency food supply.

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