Whenever you need to store food items for a long period of time, what is the first storage product that comes to mind? Do you naturally reach for a zip lock bag, or the same tupperware you have been using for years?

Although these products may serve as strong methods for storing food, such as leftovers in the short-term, they are not practical for long-term food storage. If you want to have a supply of food that you can rely on in the event of an emergency, you need a product that will keep your supply fresh for years to come. Our best recommendation is Mylar bags—they can keep your food fresh for years or even decades!

Mylar Bags Facts

Mylar bags are celebrated for their ability to store food long-term, as they have unique qualities and features that make them superior in terms of food preservation techniques. If you aren’t familiar with mylar bags and you want to know more about them, just keep on reading.

Long term food storage Mylar bags

  • Best for Efficient and Effective Long-Term Food Preservation:

Mylar bags are easily your best choice when it comes to long-term food storage. They will help you store food both efficiently and effectively. This is because they lack oxygen, allowing your food to stay fresh and safe from insects for many years.

Easily Sealable Mylar Bags

  • Easily Sealable:

The reasoning behind sealing mylar bags is to help keep oxygen out, which facilitates long-term food preservation. Therefore, learning how to seal your bags properly is essential to effectively storing food items long-term! Mylar bags can easily be sealed at home using three different methods; the first method being a heat sealer, the second being a flat iron or a hair straightener, and the third being a clothing iron. If you opt for a clothing iron when sealing your mylar bags, it should be on the wool setting, or low/medium heat, with no steam for the best results. 

Food Storage Mylar Bags

  • Food Stays Safe and Fresh for Years:

Food lasts longer than you might think when stored in Mylar! Dry goods like grains will stay fresh for more than 20 years when stored properly in Mylar bags, while canned food should last up to 10 years. Nonetheless, the life of your food depends on 3 main factors. These factors are the condition by which you are storing your mylar bags, the type of food that you are storing, and whether or not you have sealed your bags properly. If you have done everything correctly, you can trust that your food will stay fresh for years to come!

Reusable Mylar Bags

  • Reusable:

Mylar bags should be reusable if you are purchasing them from a reliable company. You can reuse your bags by simply washing and re-sealing them. This means that you don’t need to buy more than a few bags if you purchase them from a brand who sells high-quality products. However, if you are storing food for an emergency, you may want to invest in additional Mylar bags so that you can store a variety food items.

Wallaby Goods mylar bags are leaders in food preservation because they are air tight, moisture-proof, and light-blocking. Not only can our bags increase the lifespan of food by shielding it from moisture and light, but also, they are engineered to provide superior durability and puncture resistance. With an added internal layer of aluminum foil, our mylar challenges the typical thin, flimsy mylar that is prone to rips, tears, and puncture holes. 

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